International Institute for the Science of Sintering, Belgrade

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About us






About us

The International Institute for the Science of Sintering (IISS) is an independent voluntary scientific body (founded in 1968, first as the International Team for Studying Sintering) with Headquarters located in Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro.

The purpose for which the said organization, hereinafter referred as the IISS is established, is to promote fundamental achievements in the theory, science and technology of sintering, as well as in the related fields of materials science, physics and chemistry of solids, interphase physical chemistry, and other fundamental sciences for research of the sintering process. The foregoing is accomplished through the international cooperation of scientist’s institutions, the associations engaged and interested in solutions to problems related to this purpose.

Within the scope of activities of IISS, and recognizing the purpose for which the Institute was established, particular attention shall be paid to the following:

  • Organization of periodic Scientific Meetings which generally take the form of traditional World Round Table Conferences on Sintering (WRTCS) and International Schools and Conferences in related fields of science and technology of sintering; as a rule, such meetings are alternately held once every two years, or at four-year intervals for each type of meeting;
  • Editing and publishing of the international journal “Science of Sintering”;
  • Organization of scientific seminars and discussions related to special problems in sintering;
  • Encouraging and facilitating international cooperation of professional persons in the field of sintering;
  • Encouraging and facilitating the exchange of specialists, as well as the education and specialization of students, in the field of sintering;
  • Encouraging and assisting in the publication of papers on sintering, and
  • Awarding medals, honorary diplomas and certificates for exceptional achievements in the field of sintering.

The membership of the Institute consists of the following grades:


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